Gazprom Neft has been a leader in the Russian oil industry in terms of efficiency for many years. The Company had record financial results in 2017 with the highest profit in its history. New technologies are at the heart of all of Gazprom Neft’s achievements. The Company systematically introduces the most advanced solutions needed to achieve its strategic goals.

Leaders about technologies

Gazprom Neft’s digital solutions and tools are already enabling the Company to gain additional competitive advantages on the markets of the industry and radically improve business efficiency throughout the entire value chain.
Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Gazprom Neft PJSC
We are pushing ahead with digital transformation, which ensures we will remain competitive in the new economy of the 21st century. Big data and artificial intelligence have become an important part of our production activities. The Company is implementing a total of more than 50 digital projects.
Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Management Board,
CEO of Gazprom Neft PJSC
Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors Gazprom Neft PJSC
Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Management Board, CEO of Gazprom Neft PJSC

Unique projects

Gazprom Neft is the innovative flagship of the national oil industry. The Company successfully implements some of the most complex projects, many of which have no analogues not only in Russia, but around the world. However, safety and environmental protection remain unconditional priorities when introducing any innovations.

Prirazlomnaya — The world’s first ice-resistant platform in the Arctic
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East Messoyakha — Russia’s northernmost continental field
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Gates of the Arctic — The world’s only Arctic oil loading terminal
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Bazhen Technological Centre — New industrialization of Western Siberia
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Biosphera environmental complex — Unique complex of biological treatment facilities for oil refineries
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Modernization of oil refineries — Increased production efficiency
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Construction of a catalyst production facility — Import substitution of oil refining catalysts
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Gazprom Neft takes a pragmatic approach to the development and introduction of new technologies. The Company acquires the effective solutions that are available on the market and adapts them to the conditions of its specific assets. Unique solutions that are not available on the market are developed by the Company together with domestic and foreign partners.

Technologies for the environment

As part of its commitment to achieving the ‘Goal — Zero’, which prioritizes zero damage to the environment, the Company incorporates some of the best practices in nature conservation. All Gazprom Neft facilities carry out strict environmental monitoring. In 2017, the Moscow Oil Refinery commissioned the unique Biosphera complex of treatment facilities with membrane bioreactor technology, which increased wastewater treatment efficiency up to 99.9%. A similar, yet even more powerful facility is being built at the Omsk Oil Refinery.

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