Share of profit of equity accounted investments

Share of profit of equity accounted investments (RUB mn)
Сompanies 2016 2017 ∆, %
Slavneft 13,916 10,347 (25.6)
SeverEnergia (Arcticgas) 14,472 19,861 37.2
Messoyakha (947) 9,976
Nortgaz 3,009 3,433 14.1
Other companies 3,666 1,887 (48.5)
Share of profit of associates and joint ventures 34,116 45,504 33.4

The share of Slavneft profit decreased YOY mainly due to a production decline, depreciation growth and decreased income from foreign exchange differences. The share of SeverEnergia (Arcticgas) profit increased by 37.2% YOY as a result of increased EBITDA and reduction of financial expenses. The share of Messoyakha profit increased YOY as a result of started commertial production in 4Q 2016.

Other income and expenses

Other expenses decreased by 58.0% YOY. Other expenses in 2017 mainly include impairment provision of advances paid.

Other financial items

Foreign exchange gains/losses were mainly due to revaluation of the portion of the Group’s debt portfolio that is denominated in foreign currencies.