Performance evaluation of the Board of Directors

In accordance with the recommendations of the best corporate governance practices, the Board of Directors conducts an annual analysis and assessment of the effectiveness of its performance by evaluating all the areas of the Board’s activities.

Per the decision of the Board’s Human Resources and Remuneration Committee dated 27 September 2010, the Committee conducts an annual internalassessment of the effectiveness of the activities performed by the Company’s Board of Directors in the form of a survey (questionnaire). The questionnaire includes approximately 30 questions about the main areas of activities: members,work structure, procedures of the Board of Directors and an assessmentof the work performed by the Chairman of the Board, Committees and the Secretary of the Board of Directors, the level of interaction within the Board of Directors and other issues.

The analysis of the Board’s performance over the reporting periodrevealed improvements in the following areas: identification of strategic priorities, interaction with executive management, balanced membership and the functioning of the Committees under the Board of Directors. In addition, issues falling into zones of development based on the assessment results included the increased awareness of members of the Board of Directors, includingthe timely provision of information and improvements to communication channels with management and other individuals.