Induction of new members of the Board of Directors

In order to support the effective work of the Board of Directors, the Human Resourcesand Remuneration Committee employs the Programme on the Induction of Newly Elected Members of the Board of Directors.

The objectives of the Programme are to introducenewly elected members of the Board of Directorsto the Company’s production, financial and business activities and corporate governance practices as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Programme provides for the following measures:

  1. A meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors and discussion of the Board’s work plan and the priorities in the Company’sactivities; determining the future roleof each director on the Board in accordance with the director’s professional knowledgeand experience.
  2. A meeting with representatives of senior management, the provision of basic information about the Company’s activities, discussion of the Company’s operational and financialstructure and introduction to the members of the Management Board.
  3. Consultations with the Secretary of the Board of Directors: the Secretary shall describe the procedural and legal aspects of the activitiesperformed by the Board of Directors and itscommittees and explain the rights and duties of Board members, matters concerningthe payment of remuneration and compensation as well as their responsibilities and liability insurance.
  4. Review of the Company’s main documents, guidelines for Board members and a descriptionof the main business matters, internal proceduresand the organizational management of the Board of Directors and its committees.
  5. The Programme may also include such measures as visits to the Company’s fixed assets, participation in the Company’s public activities and meetings with key managementpersonnel.

The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee monitors the implementation of the Programme.

No new members were elected to the Board of Directors in 2017.