Audit Commission

The Audit Commission is a standing body that supervises the financial and business operations of Gazprom Neft. The Audit Commission acts on behalf of shareholders and is subordinate to the General Meeting of Shareholders in its activities.

The Audit Commission conducts audits of financial and business operations on the basis of the Charter and the Regulation on the Audit Commission and forms an independent opinion about the state of affairs at the Company. The Audit Commission’s conclusions are conveyed to shareholders at the General Meeting of Shareholders in the form of a report by the Company’s Audit Commission that is attached to the Gazprom Neft annual report.

The Audit Commission was elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 9 June 2017 with the following members:

  • V. K. Bikulov;
  • G. Y. Delvig;
  • A. A. Kotlyar;
  • M. I. Mironova;
  • I. B. Tolstikova.

Remuneration is paid to members of the Audit Commission based on the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Annual remuneration for members of the Audit Commission paid in 2017 totalled RUB 4,520,000.