Information policy and disclosure

Gazprom Neft aims to promptly and regularly convey information about its operations to all those interested in receiving it to the extent necessary for them to make an informed decision about participation in the Company or other actions that are capable of affecting the Company’s financial and business operations.

In June 2017, the Board of Directors approved a new version of the Regulation on Information Policy (available on the company's website), which was harmonized with the provisions of Federal Law No. 208-FZ ‘On Joint-Stock Companies’ dated 26 December 1995 and the Code of Corporate Governance of Gazprom Neft PJSC regarding the forms of information disclosure and the procedure for providing information to the Company’s shareholders. The Regulation also introduced a new chapter on monitoring the observance of the information policy.

Gazprom Neft executive bodies handle the implementation of the information policy for the Company. The Company’s Board of Directors monitors compliance with the information policy.

In 2017, the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors examined the implementation of the Company’s information policy, in particular information disclosed by Gazprom Neft PJSC to third parties, including analytical and rating agencies.

The Company’s official website contains its Charter and internal documents, data about the structure of equity, information about management bodies, information about the independent auditor and registrar, and information that must be disclosed in the forms prescribed by current legislation and the Company’s internal documents, including Gazprom Neft’s annual reports.

Gazprom Neft maintains a special web page with answers to FAQs from shareholders and investors, a regularly updated investor’s calendar, dividend history for the past five years, key performance indicators, contact information, and other useful information for shareholders and investors.

Gazprom Neft organizes regular presentations and meetings for members of the Company’s executive bodies and other key senior officials with investors and analysts, including meetings related to the disclosure (publication) of the Company’s accounting (financial) statements or related to the Company’s core investment projects and strategic development plans.

The Company discloses information on its website about the organizations it controls, specifically citing a list of such organizations, their core activities as well as a link to the website of the organization, as prescribed by the recommendations of the Russian Code of Corporate Governance.

In accordance with the requirements of the Information Disclosure Regulation, when publishing information on the Internet information and telecommunications network, the Company also uses a webpage provided by one of the information disseminators on the securities market (Interfax-CIDC LLC).

One of the most important principles of the corporate governance of Gazprom Neft PJSC is its information openness. The Company consistently ranks among the leaders in information disclosure at Russian and international competitions.

The Gazprom Neft annual report for 2016 was awarded a gold medal at the LACP Vision Awards in Energy – Oil/Gas/Fuel, while the interactive version of the report received a silver award. In addition, the report was listed among the top 20 reports of Russian companies as well as the top 100 reports of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) companies.

In addition, the Gazprom Neft annual report for 2016 was recognized at the Corporate & Financial Awards, a prestigious European ceremony for the best corporate financial communications. The Company received a bronze medal for the online version of its report (Best Online Report – International). The competition’s jury noted the conceptual notion of the report of Gazprom Neft. This concept – from the key points of the report through strategy and concluding with results – is observed throughout the entire report.

At the tenth Russian Annual Report Competition organized by Moscow Stock Exchange PJSC and the RCB media group, the annual report of Gazprom Neft won the categories ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report’ and ‘Best Interactive Annual Report’. The report also finished second in the competition’s main category ‘Best Annual Report of a Company with Capitalization Exceeding RUB 200 billion’ and the category ‘Best Disclosure of Corporate Governance Information in an Annual Report’.

Types of messages disclosed in 2017
Type of message Number
On bond issues 27
On the agenda and decisions of the issuer's management bodies 97
On the disclosure of various types of the issuer's reporting (quarterly reports, lists of affiliated entities, annual report, consolidated financial statement, annual accounting statement) 17
On the transactions of the issuer and its subordinate organizations 17
On a change in participatory interest in other organizations 4
Other messages 69
Total 231