East Messoyakha

Russia’s northernmost continental field

Establishing technological leadership

The East Messoyakha oil and gas condensate field was discovered in 1990. It is the northernmost continental field under development in Russia. Messoyakhaneftegaz JSC – a joint venture between Gazprom Neft and Rosneft – own the license for its exploration and development. Gazprom Neft handles the operational management of Messoyakhaneftegaz.

The field is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Its development has required complex logistical and technical solutions. In addition, its impact on the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic also had to be minimized.

The first stage of the East Messoyakha field was put into operation in 2016. Oil is transported via a pressure pipeline to the Zapolyarye-Purpe trunk pipeline. The oil is initially extracted from horizontal and multi-hole wells with a horizontal length of about 1,000 metres due to the geological structure of the deposits, which are further complicated by a powerful gas cap. In addition, the oil in the upper and lower layers of the field has different attributes. Messoyakha oil contains almost no sulphur.

Technology В.1

Fishbone technology involves the construction of wells with multiple horizontal branches that lead to separate oil sites without touching the formation with gas or water. This makes it possible to increase accumulated extraction by more than 20% compared with standard horizontal wells. The technology is particularly effective if the deposit has a shale streak between the gas and oil, as is the case at the East Messoyakha field.

East Messoyakha field
Recoverable reserves (100%) The national classification of reserves and resources of oil, gas, condensate and components contained them, from the industrial value. 353.3 mn t of oil 2.9 mn t of condensate 119 bn m3 of gas
3.16 The national classification of reserves and resources of oil, gas, condensate and components contained them, from the industrial value. mn t of oil (100%) produced in 2017 5.9 mn t per year at full design capacity (2021)
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